The Purpose:

To re-define "The Sales Professional" as an expert to buy from. So You Think You Can Shark shifts the paradigm from untrustworthy suits, script spitting phone bots TO expertly skilled and compassionate providers that meet customer needs. When you step foot into SYTYCShark, you will see the deeper waters of what it means to be a Shark.

Once you are a Shark you become an ambassador of sales professionalism, redefining the Old-School approach and creating a New-School of sales culture.


What do you think of when you hear the words sales rep, account executive, salesman and sales? Do you think of a Trickster, snake oil, not to be trusted, lies, not trustworthy and pushy?


Being Shark Certified changes all that. With your Shark Certification you become The New Sales Professional. Go from being just a sales person to a Sales Professional today!