Jon "The Shark" Houston


          The Shark aka Jon Houston, Houston We Have A Problem! Husband to Amanda Houston, father to Madeline Houston and Grant Houston. The Shark is a nickname given to me by my former coworkers for my attitude towards the sales cycle and my willingness to go above and beyond the sale. Inspired by this nickname, I developed The Shark System to change what it means to be a sales professional. I have started 3 businesses "J, J and J’s Lawncare," "Jonny On The Spot, LLC" and now "So You Think You Can Shark." I have worked for startups, not-for-profits, a Fortune 500, multiple family businesses, privately held companies and publicly traded companies. I have won sales competitions. I received an International sales award in 2015 as "The Sales Person of The Year". I enjoy making people comfortable in sales and watching them turn into SHARKS. I take joy in hanging out with family at the lake, completing home improvement projects and most of all sculpting the lawn. I’m an avid chess player, I challenge myself daily to expand my thinking and learn the moves necessary to outmaneuver my opponent. I also play tennis, where I competed to help my United States Tennis Association teams win multiple league championships. Most importantly, I have a passion for teaching and helping people sell and want to change the world's thinking about what it means to be a salesperson SHARK!

When you think of a Shark, you most commonly think of the Great White Shark. I am a Great White Shark, but you don’t have to be. There are 440 known species of sharks, each one specializing in, and utilizing unique tools and strategies for similar goals. One thing they all share is the need to keep swimming or they will die! Never give up, just keep swimming. 

What kind of SHARK ARE YOU?